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About Carolina Wealth Advisors

Carolina Wealth Advisors is here to help educate you about the concepts of financial management while providing you access to different areas within the financial services environment. Please explore our website to discover the components of a healthy financial plan and to help you understand the synergistic value of combining each area within one office.

Specialties consist of a comprehensive financial planning management style including:

  • Wealth preservation strategies
  • Asset management
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Income tax planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning
  • Generational transfer planning
  • Charitable planning

Our commitment is to help you build an understanding of financial concepts within the various aspects of a complex environment. This will allow you to save time while having the right information to make informed knowledgeable financial decisions.

Our mission is to help educate while providing the essential tools needed in order for individuals and businesses to make informed decisions in achieving their financial goals while employing our discernment style relationship standards.

Our Process

We strive to maximize our impact on every client. In order to accomplish this, we feel that the development of a strong, trusting relationship is vital. The process begins by working with individuals and businesses that can benefit from the expertise available at Carolina Wealth Advisors through an in-depth discussion regarding your financial position and goals. After you have become comfortable with our process and determination is made to move forward, personalized assistance is provided at every level to ensure ease of transition as we begin our long-term journey together.

Our Team

We are a close-knit group of highly educated professionals whose sole purpose is to accomplish the things that you want to accomplish. Learn more about the synergies that make our team distinct.